Beer Types: Top 5 Most Popular in Canada

How many different beer types can you name off the top of your head, and without Google’s help? Not much, can you? Even the most avid beer lovers will struggle to get 4 or 5. The Association des Brasseurs du Québec divided them into 10 different categories, but it’s good to note that each and every single one of them has variants and subtypes.

For example, when we talk about lagers, we have to consider the different variants. We’re talking American style, European style, German style, or Japanese style for the lagers. Obviously, there are more, but these are the best known. Plus, there’s also the subtypes, such as the pale lager, light lager, no alcohol lager, etc. In other words, there exists an impressive amount of beer types. So, even if we technically can limit them to 10 categories, it’s almost impossible to remember all variants and subtypes.

That said, Canadians definitely have preferences when it comes to beer. Do you know them? Do you know what beer types appeal the most to Canadians? Our beer experts did some research and are ready to share their top 5 of Canada’s most popular beer types.

1. The Stout

Molson, eat your heart out, because it’s craft beers that are at the top of this list of prizewinners! Although Molsons and Budweisers are the best-selling “industry” beers in Canada, it seems that the favorite style of beer among Canadians is stout. A quality and satisfaction survey carried out by the beeradvocate website reveals that the 2 best-rated beers in Canada are stouts.

Not really surprising that our very own That’s it That’Stout is also a customer’s favorite in our Montreal microbrewery!

2. The Tripel: The Strongest Beer Types

Strong beer lovers, you will be pleased to learn that the tripel style is another Canadian favorite. These beers generally have an alcohol percentage ranging between 8 and 11 percent. One of the best beer types, as it owns 3rd place behind two stouts. The most popular one in Canada is none other than the famous Fin du Monde by Unibroue, a Quebec brewery.

3. Ale: An Impressive Number of Subtypes

The ale category is without a doubt the most varied one. We are talking here about a dozen, maybe more subtypes. Light, Strong, Wild, Pale Ale, American, English, European, and so many more. Canadians are real fans of ales, making it the third-best beer style in Canada with a Wild Ale as the representative.

Ales are flavorful beers known for their unique and strong personality. They’re usually fruity, herbal, or spicy.

4. Porter

The porter type is a little less known, but still a solid choice for Canadians. Seating comfortably at the fourth position of this top 5, the porter beer is another strong beer type. Just like the tripel, this beer type has a high percentage of alcohol. These beers generally are dark in color and can be dry or sweet depending on the ingredients used to brew them.

5. Beer Types: the IPA

Last but not least, the IPA style is currently growing in the hearts of Canadian beer lovers. More and more beer enthusiasts are turning toward IPAs because of the sheer, impressive variety of flavors.

IPA beers are unique, original, authentic, and flavorful. The artists-brewers behind them are true chefs that aren’t scared to try new flavors either. This is why nowadays you can find IPAs with flavors such as pineapples, espressos, etc. These beers also have a varied alcohol content ranging from no alcohol to 10%, with an average of 6–7%.

What about you? What’s your favorite beer types?

Come taste different beer types at Trois Lacs! We’d love to have you at one of our tables.

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