Best Spring 2021 Beer Styles

Do you know what beer styles are the most popular right now? With spring finally showing up, many beer lovers have their taste buds on high alert. The time to sit down on the patio and crack open a cold one at the end of a long workday has finally come. The higher the temperature, the higher the desire to drink a crushable beer.

If you are looking to discover new flavors or wish to find out the new trends, you’re looking at the right blog. In Canada, there are a little over 7000 beer brands; which makes choosing a new beer to taste, pretty challenging. Our Montreal microbrewery beer experts have gathered some quality info and discovered the best beer styles to try this spring!

With everything going on in the world right now, we believe there’s no better time to drink the best beers and relax. So, without any further ado, here is our top 5 beer styles for spring 2021!

Lager: An Unbeatable Beer Style

The most consumed of all beer styles in the world is the lager. Of course, if you’re a fan of craft beers, you’re drawn to the unique flavours offered by IPAs, stouts, and other gems from the craft beer world. But, in the beer universe in general, it’s the lager style that comes on top.

We’re talking here in sales numbers, of course. A large majority of commercial beers are lagers, such as Budweiser, Coors and Molson Dry. Lagers alone represent more than 80% of the beer market in Canada, in grocery stores. Not really surprising then that the lager style is still at the top of the list!

Beer Styles: IPA, Double IPA, New England IP what?

The IPA style is the most popular craft beer style and sells some of the most popular beers. If you’re a fan of microbrewery and local products, there’s most likely an IPA at the top of your personal favorites. Furthermore, it’s not a stretch to say that IPAs revolutionized the world of craft beers!

IPAs also come in many flavors and forms, such as the Double IPA, the New England IPA, etc. After the lager, IPAs are the most brewed beer type in Quebec and Canada. The basis of a good IPA is high-quality hops and unique ingredients. That’s why there exists an impressive variety of unique and original flavors in the IPA style. You can drink tropical fruits flavored IPAs such as our Double IPAnanas, or even berry, spices, or coffee-flavored beers!

Finally, what makes the charm of the IPA beer style is the infinite flavor combinations. If you haven’t tried drinking an IPA yet, we highly recommend trying one this spring!

Stout: Rich And Deep Flavours

The stout is a beer style that’s richer and has robust roasted notes. These beers are generally darker and made of roasted barley, which grants them rich flavours akin to dark chocolate or coffee. Stouts have a well-defined bitterness and some are even aged in bourbon or other barrels, which adds another layer of depth to their flavor. For full flavour beer lovers, the stout style is definitely the style to try in spring 2021.

Pale Ale: A Well-Established Beer Style

After the lager, the Pale Ale beer style is another pretty popular choice for commercial beers. It’s especially popular with our southern neighbors, as suggested by the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale popularity. This brand is even considered a true reference of the Pale Ale Style. These beers are known to have a lower hops content than IPAs and a more balanced malt character.

Beer Styles: The Milkshake IPA

The Milkshake IPA is one of the newest beer styles. It took the market by surprise a few years back. If there were only a couple of brands selling milkshake IPAs five years ago, in 2021, there are now more than 20 different milkshake IPAs on the market. But how did that style become so popular so fast?

Easy. This beer type combines lactose sugar and sometimes fruits to the well-defined flavour of hops, which grants them a rich, unique and original flavor. As any good IPA, the milkshake also has an impressive variety of flavors to choose from, which means there’s a beer for every taste, even the finest.

Time to get your patio set out and laze about in the sun with a good beer. Do you know which beer styles you’re trying next?

Do not hesitate to browse our shop or visit us at the brewery to discover our unique and flavorful beers!

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